Forest Ranger Extended Skills

Ages 10 to 15

Linne Doran: Duvall, WA

Includes T-shirt

7/19 – 7/23
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

“We were very impressed with the camp instructors. Our son’s experience was very positive and we attribute that to the patience and sincere attention that the instructors gave to the campers. We couldn’t happier with what our son walked away from camp with. He had fun, pushed his abilities, made friends, gained confidence, and became more aware of his natural surroundings.”

– Mother of 14-year-old camper

“Such an amazing camp, filled with incredible, thoughtful people, and organized around such creative, fun, clever games and skill learning. Your camp is a truly special experience!”

– Alison P.

“Here’s what my daughter says; ‘I thought the experience was amazing. I loved learning about hiding and animals and intuition, and I definitely want to come back next summer. It made me so happy that the feeling has stuck with me. I learned some lessons about life that I will use my whole life.'”

– Amy, mother of 13-year-old camper
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Please Note: Our Forest Ranger Skills camp for 2021 is full. We recommend joining the waitlist for full camps, as we do get occasional openings.

Your camper will develop the keen awareness and observation tools demonstrated by the ancient Scouts and Rangers of many cultures. Learn how Scouts used awareness of their landscape and environement to keep their people safe and healthy. Practice the arts of moving invisibly, dressing in camouflage, understanding bird language (the alarm system of the forest), tracking wildlife and human movement, and identifying wild, edible plants. Those who enter the world of the Scout will likely never see nature the same way again!

Campers will enjoy:

  • Using camouflage and stealthy movement to move “invisibly”
  • Observing and tracking animals
  • Decoding the language of birds
  • Discovering edible and medicinal plants
  • Playing stealth capture the flag
  • Playing Jedi awareness games
  • Challenging themselves on missions and scenarios
  • Enjoying wild adventures outdoors!

Our instructional team features:

  • A 1:8 staff-student ratio
  • On-site director and volunteers who offer additional instructor support
  • Staff trained as Coyote Mentors, a widely-respected educational philosophy developed at the Wilderness Awareness School
  • Compassionate educators who encourage each child’s respect for self, others, and nature
  • Experienced Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified professionals

Please note that all classes at Wilderness Awareness School will require staff and participants to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and have a health check at the start of each day. With all of this, we’re still confident that these workshops will remain potent experiences that deliver new skills, enrich perspectives, and deepen a connection to the natural world around us.