Castaway Survival Extended Skills

Ages 10 to 15

Linne Doran: Duvall, WA


8/16 – 8/20
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Please Note: Our Castaway Survival camp for 2021 is full. We recommend joining the waitlist for full camps, as we do get occasional openings.

Creativity and resourcefulness are abounding at Castaway Camp, where students and their instructors find themselves on a “deserted island.” They must work together to thrive throughout the week with minimal gear, survival skills, and whatever the tide washes in.

Each student will have the opportunity to stretch their imagination and push their comfort zone physically, mentally, and emotionally in a safe environment, supported by experienced staff.

Castaway Camp allows kids to explore their creativity, push their limits, collaborate, and deepen their gratitude.

Campers will enjoy:

  • Thriving in nature with limited supplies
  • Taking part in cultivated experiences that encourage teamwork
  • Creating friction fires and learning fire tending techniques
  • Taking part in minimalist camping using survival skills
  • Learning to tie useful knots for minimal camping needs
  • Learning how to respond to emergencies in a backcountry setting as staged medical situations arise.
  • Building resilience and coping skills in the face of unforeseen challenges during crafted scenarios
  • Cultivating healthy group dynamics through interpersonal communication and leadership opportunities
  • Practicing responsible care of resources, including the gear you brought with you
  • Taking responsibility for one’s self 
  • Being of service to others
  • Taking part in “Camper Council” check-ins each morning and evening

Our instructional team features:

  • A 1:8 staff-student ratio
  • On-site director and volunteers who offer additional instructor support
  • Staff trained as Coyote Mentors, a widely-respected educational philosophy developed at the Wilderness Awareness School
  • Compassionate educators who encourage each child’s respect for self, others, and nature
  • Experienced Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified professionals
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Please note that all classes at Wilderness Awareness School will require staff and participants to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and have a health check at the start of each day. With all of this, we’re still confident that these workshops will remain potent experiences that deliver new skills, enrich perspectives, and deepen a connection to the natural world around us.