Kamana Three PRINT with Student Services

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Kamana Three: Deepening the Roots of Awareness + 18 months of Student Services

Prerequisite: Completion of Kamana Two

Kamana Three continues your naturalist journey with more in depth awareness field exercises and further research and journaling. It also begins your taxonomical studies of how species are organized in families and larger groupings.It consists of five Field Packs.

Included with your purchase is 18 months of Student Services - which includes a written response for each of the 5 field packs as well as a Kamana Certificate.

Scope of Kamana Three

4 Awareness Trail exercises including:

Field Exercise Four: Finding Our Gift

Field Exercise Five: Walking in a Sacred Manner

Field Exercise Six: Messaging with the Senses

Field Exercise Seven: Medicine Driver

20 more weekly Field Inventories which get more thorough and deepen your experience from Kamana Two.

60 Species Journals (ten species from each of the Six Tracks) similar to your studies in Kamana Two, but including studies in taxonomy and how each species is connected by  Family, Class and Order relationships.
Kamana 3 includes a 2" binder with the Nature Awareness Trail and Resource Trail books, a pad of journal pages, and 18 months of Student Services.