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Kamana One Program Pack

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Our best-selling home study course... 

The New 8 Shields Edition of Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery is now available as a Package Deal! SAVE $35 when you bundle Kamana One with the two required resources: Seeing Through Native Eyes: A Journey of Connection audio series with Jon Young (8 CDs), and Readers Digest: North American Wildlife field guide. We are excited to release an expanded, updated edition of Kamana One, with additional chapters and a full 8 Shields curriculum.

Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery is our best selling home Nature Study course. Thousands have improved their awareness skills and knowledge of the natural world! Kamana One begins your Kamana journey--and it only takes about a month to complete. It will bring you through two weeks of awareness exercises and six areas of ecological study using a field guide and inspiring audio narrated by Jon Young.

The revised edition of Readers Digest: North American Wildlife is a comprehensive, illustrated field guide to 2,000 plants and animals. It includes ecosystems, mammals, birds, trees, plants, reptiles, amphibians and MUCH more. Perfect guide for cross referencing. A perennial favorite of Wilderness Awareness School for teens and above. It is used in all levels of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program.

Seeing Through Native Eyes: A Journey of Connection Updated 8 CD set by Jon Young is more than seven hours of reflections and stories on regaining the quality of connection with nature that our ancestors enjoyed. Because they lived close to the land, native cultures the world over spoke the language of their place. They had an intimate understanding of plant and animal lifestyles. They knew how to move with grace and ease through the wilderness. Seeing through native eyes means immersing the senses in nature, and discovering heightened spiritual awareness and a sense of belonging. This audio series lays the foundation for learning about and connecting with the natural world.

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