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Kamana One 8 Shields Edition - Digital

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Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery is our best selling home study course. Thousands have improved their awareness skills and knowledge of nature! We are excited to release an expanded, updated edition of Kamana One, with additional chapters and a full 8 Shields curriculum.

Kamana One embarks you on the four-part Kamana journey and it only takes about a month to complete. It will bring you through two weeks of awareness exercises and six areas of ecological study using a field guide and inspiring audio narrated by Jon Young (see the two resources, below). Kamana One is the beginning of our Kamana Naturalist Training Program - a four-level independent study program that covers the naturalist background needed to engage in the wilderness arts, including wildlife tracking, bird language, survival and native living skills, traditional herbalism, and naturalist mentoring.

This is a digital file. Upon purchase, you will receive a pdf version of the book via email. 

NOTE: Kamana One uses two additional required resources:

  1. Seeing Though Native Eyes Audio Series
  2. Readers Digest: North American Wildlife