Kamana For Kids Book One: Awareness

“The book is peppered with charming, hand-drawn illustrations that depict the wonders of the forest through the eyes of Running Deer and Moon Bird as they journey to awareness… The Kamana for Kids books are an excellent tool to start children learning about the natural world and all of the wonders therein. Stress is placed upon the importance of broadening your knowledge and continuing to learn in every new situation you encounter.” –Jessica Lane, Northwest Baby & Child, October 2007

Written by Kamana Graduate Bob Repoley and beautifully illustrated by Barbara English (also a Kamana graduate), these nature stories and activities will educate as well as inspire the children in your life.

What is the AGE RANGE for this book? As a read-aloud, 3-year-olds and up will love it. For the child who can read, the stories are aimed at kids through age 10 or 11. Depending on your child, they may need some help from you to do the activities.