Kamana Four PRINT with Student Services

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Kamana Four: The Complete Naturalist + 24 months of Student Services

Prerequisite: Completion of Kamana Three

Kamana Four completes the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. Awareness exercises include field inventories and mapping, more advanced sensory awareness exercises, geographic and geological research, enhanced intuitive research, advanced body language reading, and learning to see through the eyes of the animals as a native scout would.  Resource work includes using field guides to generate master and focus lists of species in your bio-region, advanced taxonomical study, and completing journals in the six Resource Trail tracks. Kamana Four has six Field Packs and a final assignment.

Included with your purchase is 24 months of Student Services - which includes a written response for each of the 6 field packs as well as a Kamana Certificate.

Kamana Four consists of:
5 Awareness Trail Field Exercises, including:

Field Exercise Eight: Dynamic Awareness

Field Exercise Nine: On Becoming Your Place

Field Exercise Ten: Empowering Tracks and Trails

Field Exercise Eleven: The Language of Nature

Field Exercise Twelve: Medicine Bundles

24 more field inventories of observations from your Sit Spot

Master Lists for the plants, trees, birds and mammals in your area.

80 additional Species Journals of species that you based on your Master Lists.

A Final Assignment:  Wrapping the Bundle

Kamana Four will take you a minimum of eight months for the six Field Packs. It ideally should not take more than about 16 months.
It includs a 2" binder with the Awareness Trail and Resource Trail books, a pad of journaling paper, and 24 months of Student Services.