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Kamana 2 - DIGITAL with Student Services

Product Details

Kamana Two: Path of the Naturalist is the second level of our Kamana Naturalist Training Program -- a four-level independent study program that covers the naturalist background needed to engage in the wilderness arts, including tracking, bird language, survival and native living skills, traditional herbalism, and naturalist mentoring. It is the ultimate guide to help you connect more deeply and profoundly to the world around you. Kamana Two truly begins the Path of the Naturalist. This level focuses on sensory awareness exercises, important tools for nature awareness, researching and journaling species from the six Resource Trail tracks, and getting to know one place on a deep level ecologically and intuitively. Kamana Two begins the routines that underlie your entire Kamana Journey.

This purchase includes DIGITAL Kamana Two Materials (sent as a pdf file) AND one year of Student Services. Student Services are activated when you are ready. Simply send us an email and your one year of services will begin.

A very important part of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program is the Student Services you get from Wilderness Awareness School. Student Services offers you a naturalist mentor who will give you personalized feedback on your work to ensure that you get the most from your studies. Your mentor will spend time questioning and encouraging you and will be available to you via email throughout your Kamana Two studies. Purchasing Kamana Two with Student Services includes certification, while providing personalized support throughout your naturalist journey.

***Note for those brand new to Kamana: For most people, Kamana One is the best place to start your journey in the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. Kamana One really helps a person see if "this course is for me."