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Kamana 2 DIGITAL Materials Only

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Kamana Two: Path of the Naturalist is the second level of our Kamana Naturalist Training Program - a four-level independent study program that covers the naturalist background needed to engage in the wilderness arts, including tracking, bird language, survival and wilderness living skills, traditional herbalism, and naturalist mentoring. Kamana Two begins the Path of the Naturalist. This level focuses on sensory awareness exercises, important tools for nature awareness, journaling species from the six key Resource Trail tracks (Hazards, Mammals, Plants, Ecological Indicators, Trees, and Birds), and getting to know one place on a deep level ecologically and intuitively. Kamana Two begins the routines that will remain constant through your entire Kamana journey.

Certification Option: For those working through Kamana Two on their own without student services, we offer a low-cost opportunity to receive official Kamana Two certification. For a small fee, you can send in your completed work and a Kamana instructor will review it. If it is satisfactorily complete, we will certify you as a graduate of the Kamana Two Naturalist Training Program. See the Certification option under Kamana Two Other Options.

NOTE: This purchase only includes the DIGITAL Kamana Two course materials. Upon purchase you will receive a pdf version of the course. If you would like the print version, find it here. It does NOT include Student Services. The Kamana course is designed for your studies to be reviewed and overseen periodically by a mentor, and we recommend that you purchase Kamana Two WITH STUDENT SERVICES to receive the full benefit of this program. These materials are sold stand-alone primarily for students who are enrolled in a course or program that has integrated the Kamana program, and that program will be providing your mentoring support.