Kamana Two Student Services ONLY



***Important Note: This DOES NOT INCLUDE THE KAMANA 2 MATERIALS. This product is only for naturalists who have purchased the Kamana 2 materials without Student Services***

This purchase provides the full 12 months of Kamana Level 2 Student Services. Student Services are activated once you purchase them and last 12 months from your date of purchase. As we’ve discovered in our Coyote Mentoring approach to nature connection, some of the deepest lessons come from a mentor asking you the right questions to take your learning to the next level.

Student Services offers you a well-qualified mentor who will receive your Kamana work – divided up into field packs – via email, then review and respond with feedback, encouragement, advice, and stories of our own to inspire you along your path.

Purchasing Student Services includes certification, while providing personalized support throughout your naturalist journey.

***If you are purchasing Kamana 2 for the first time, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. Purchase either the digital or print version of Kamana 2 with Student Services.***