Kamana Two Certification Option



*NOTE*: This is a certification option ONLY. Purchase of this product DOES NOT include the Kamana Materials or any services other than the one-time certification service described.

For students who purchased the Kamana Two materials without any student services, and thus haven’t had their materials reviewed by a Kamana Instructor, official certification of completion is possible with this one-time comprehensive review of your work by a Kamana Instructor. When you purchase this option, we will send you a confirmation email that will include details on how to assemble and email us electronic files of your completed Kamana Two work. A Kamana mentor will review it, and if it is satisfactorily complete, we will officially certify you as having completed the Kamana Two Naturalist Training Program.

You do not need to purchase this Certification Option until you have completed your Kamana Two studies, and you cannot receive your certification until you send in your completed materials. Certification is a money-saving option for people who do not wish to have a mentor helping them through it but want to become an official Kamana Two graduate and/or plan to continue on to Kamana Three, for which Kamana Two certification is required.