Seeing Through Native Eyes: A Journey of Connection




8 CD set by Jon Young

It’s been 15 years since Jon Young, master storyteller and lifetime advocate of nature connection mentoring, released his classic Seeing Through Native Eyes: Understanding the Language of Nature audio series. Please join us in celebrating Seeing Through Native Eyes: A Journey of Connection, more than seven hours of reflections and stories on regaining the quality of connection with nature that our ancestors enjoyed. This new series has been completely revised, updated with the full Eight Shields model, oriented towards Nature Connection.


Because they lived close to the land, native cultures the world over spoke the language of their place. They had an intimate understanding of plant and animal lifestyles. They knew how to move with grace and ease through the wilderness.

Seeing through native eyes means immersing the senses in nature, and discovering heightened spiritual awareness and a sense of belonging. This audio series lays the foundation for learning about and connecting with the natural world.


Disc 1:  Foundations of Nature Connection: East
Disc 2:  Natural Origins of Play (Core Routines): Southeast
Disc 3:  The Mentoring Commitment (Tracking and Mammals): South
Disc 4:  Timeless Connection (Plants and Wandering): Southwest
Disc 5:  Weaving Community Threads (Community and Ecology): West
Disc 6:  The Wisdom of Heritage (Ancestors and Heritage): Northwest
Disc 7:  Ancient Conduct, Ancient Skills (Trees and Survival): North
Disc 8:  Routines of Deep Connection and Awareness (Birds and Awareness): Northeast

NOTE: This audio series is highly recommended to accompany the Kamana One program for students anywhere in the world.