Fire making is a core survival skill

5 Basic Survival Skills

Survival techniques are plentiful, but there are five basic survival skills that everyone who ventures into the outdoors should understand, and be fully aware of their potential need and use. This is just a brief outline, not a full explanation of all the requirements and items required in each category. One of the most important […]

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friction fire by bow drill

Notch Construction: Secrets of the Bow Drill

In real estate, they say there are only three important factors; location, location, and location. When making fire by friction, there are also three important factors; materials (type), materials (condition), and materials (preparation). As a child, I once used my dad’s electric drill to make fire by friction with a pine dowel rod and a […]

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assorted bow drill parts

Bow Drill Kit – Make a Friction Fire

You’re speeding down a river in a canoe. Before you know what has happened, you flip out of your canoe and you wake up next to your friend with a roaring fire in front of you. He says, “I used that bow drill kit lying there to make a friction fire. Would you be interested […]

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