Wildlife Tracking Basics

For Adults

Linne Doran: Duvall, WA

9am-9pm Saturday, 8am-3pm Sunday; No food provided

2021 Dates TBD

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Learn the art and science of wildlife tracking! Have you ever stepped over a track in the mud and wondered what animal made the print? By learning how to track wild animals, you will be able to pinpoint hotspots of where wildlife live. By becoming aware of wildlife that live in your backyard, forests will take on a different feel. The better tracker you are, the more likely you’ll be able to see wildlife. Tracking provides a new lens for viewing the wild (and urban) places that you frequent!

In this weekend course, you will learn the foundational tools to identify track and sign of wild animals. We’ll cover:

  • Track and sign identification
  • How to journal tracks effectively
  • Animal Gaits
  • Interpreting tracks from an ecological viewpoint
  • How to find areas that are dense with wildlife
  • And more!

Wilderness Awareness School has trained some of the finest trackers in the nation; several staff members and alumni have earned the highest certification on CyberTracker’s internationally recognized evaluations. Join us for a fantastic weekend of tracking with experienced instructors!

NOTE: This weekend is concurrent with the start of our Tracking Intensive. Class will run from 9am-9pm (with breaks) on Saturday. Class will run from 8am-3pm on Sunday.