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Kamana Student Services is your support system for the Kamana Program

Kamana is a powerful, transformative home study course. While you can certainly finish the program on your own, students who enroll in official Student Services have a much higher success rate.

What is Student Services?

The biggest benefit you'll receive is getting customized written responses from exprienced Kamana Instructors. Here's how it work: After you complete a month's worth of Kamana work (what we call a field pack), you send it in for review. An instructor will look over your work and craft a response that will balance praise and constructive feedback. Some of the deepest lessons come from a mentor asking you the right questions to take your learnings to the next level. If any personal blocks or challenges come up, you'll have email access to the Kamana Coordinator and/or a Kamana Instructor. Having Student Services can be the difference in helping you meet your nature connection goals.

Kamana One is a bite-sized introduction to Kamana. Once you get to Kamana Two, you have the option of enrolling in Student Services. Once you get to Kamana Three, Student Services is required. Please see our online store for pricing.

More Details

Before you send in your work you will need a Kamana Student Number. Once you purchase your Student Services, you will be given instructions on how to get a student number and how to send in your work to receive a response. Included with your personal responses will be feedback on the Resource Trail and the Awareness Trail. For Kamana Two the focus will be on you finding a sit spot that will support you and your Kamana journey.

You will also receive feedback on effective journaling strategies. Once these basic pieces are in place you will receive feedback on the Field Inventory process. For the rest of Kamana your responses will be based on how your relationship with your Kamana instructor develops.

Our instructors approach student services with the goal of helping you to better understand each tool you receive through your training. They do not focus on what you are doing wrong, but rather on how you can learn even more from what you experience through the Kamana Program. Every student's journey is different, and your experience with Student Services will be unique as well. It can be relied upon that the support you receive from our instructors will be focused on your passions, your struggles, and on your goals as a student of the natural world. This is an amazing customized experience!

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