Kamana IV

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Course Description

Prerequisite: Kamana Three

Kamana Four completes the Kamana naturalist training journey. Kamana 4 is where students “cross the line” into a greater level of commitment. Awareness and research routines and techniques are greatly expanded. By the end of Kamana Four, you will possess the tools to learn the ecology of any place you travel or move to in the future.Kamana Four includes 6 field packs, plus a final assignment to complete the Kamana course.

What's Included

Kamana Four includes a 2-inch binder with Nature Awareness Trail and Resource Trail books as well as a pad of journal pages and 24-months of Student Services. Kamana Four's digital edition includes the above items in pdf format and 24-months of Student Services.

During Kamana Four, students will:

  • Dramatically increase your Dynamic Awareness, increasing your awareness of the natural environment surrounding you even as you are engaged in other activities, such as a conversation with a peer.
  • Expand your awareness from your secret spot to the broader bio-region around you by learning your bio-region's natural history, the watersheds, geological features and more, truly Becoming Your Place.
  • through Empowering Tracks and Trails, using all of your skills to bring natural instincts alive and answer the greater questions you have when out in the natural world.
  • Develop your own ability to tell stories about and describe your experiences in ways that make nature come alive as you explore The Language Of Nature
  • Read about how heroes and trackers world-wide traditionally acquired their “medicine.” “Medicine bundles” are the personal and/or spiritual aspects of any organism or natural phenomenon that captures the essence of that part of nature. This essence is in everything, whether natural or man-made. Now that you are at the end of the Nature Awareness Trail, it's time for you to learn to acquire your own Medicine Bundles.
  • Complete 24 additional field inventories
  • Complete a Master List of all the species in your area from the Six Tracks, based on the Family Lists you made in Kamana 3.
  • Complete 30 additional journals on plants, trees, birds and/or mammals on your Master List.
  • Expand your knowledge of field inventories and mapping
  • Learn how to read body language in nature
  • Practice Natural Empathy, learning to see through the eyes of the animals as a native scout would
  • Complete one last assignment

The Final Assignment: Wrapping the Bundle – The End of a Beginning

One can only imagine the power of tying both the Resource and Nature Awareness Trails together after two to four years of Kamana naturalist training. That's what this final assignment is about. Of course, when you are done, you will realize that it is only the beginning! This assignment is sent to you after you complete Field Pack 4.6.