Kamana III

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Prerequisite: Kamana Two.

Kamana Three continues your journey in this wilderness home study course with more in-depth awareness and journaling exercises. Enhanced field inventories, walking silently in nature, find one's passion in nature study, advanced sensory awareness exercises, beginning taxonomical studies, species family research, more in-depth research journals.

During Kamana Three, students will:

  • Complete 5 Field Packs (about a month's work combining the Resource Trail and Awareness Trail)
  • Finish 20 new, and more complex, weekly field inventories.
  • Identify how your passion for nature connection, particular interests relative to naturalist studies and unique talents can make a positive impact on the world by completing the Finding Our Gift exercise. Learn to walk through nature in a way that causes the least harm and presents you to nature as a being that is a part of it by completing the Walking in a Sacred Manner exercise.
  • Play fun games and exercises that greatly expand your everyday awareness, and that can be performed anywhere you go, in the Massaging with the Senses exercise.
  • Learn how to turn your driving experience into one of self-awareness, respect and ecological awareness as you complete the Medicine Driver exercise. You'll be amazed how you will be able to identify plants, trees, birds and even animal trails at 60 miles per hour!
  • Explore taxonomy and how each species is related by learning about family relationships.
  • Leverage your newly expanded understanding of taxonomy as you journal another 60 species of plants and animals.

Each Kamana Three course includes a 2-inch binder with Nature Awareness Trail and Resource Trail books as well as a pad of journal pages and 18-months of Student Services. Each Kamana Three digital course Includes the above items in pdf format and 18-months of Student Services.

All Kamana nature courses have a 30-day money back guarantee (from date of purchase) if they are unused and still in resalable condition.

How long will this Kamana level take me?

Kamana Three will take you a minimum of five months for the five Field Packs, but on average it takes students about 10 months. You have 18 months of Student Services with your purchase of Kamana 3.


See Kamana Two section for information on what you hand in and how Field Inventories work. Kamana Three has “5 Field Packs”.

Nature Awareness Trail

Field Exercise Four: Finding Our Gift
When one begins the journey of connecting with the natural world, many questions come up about our place in the world and how our contributions can help. How you can begin to search for your place in the Circle of Life, a concept that originated in cultures world wide. Also, what interests you the most in your nature studies?

Field Exercise Five: Walking in a Sacred Manner
As one begins to see the world as a sacred place, one wants to walk in such a way that will cause the least harm and present ourselves to nature as a being that is part of it. This wilderness home study course will teach you to walk in a new way. You will never experience your time in nature (or walk) the same way again!

Field Exercise Six: Massaging with the Senses
Fun games and exercises to GREATLY expand your every day awareness that can be performed ANYWHERE you go. Your awareness levels will go off the chart as you can now practice your skills everywhere you go and integrate them in everything you do.

Field Exercise Seven: Medicine Driver
Driving our cars every day is a serious thing. Many people in society often drive everyday without realizing the damage it is having on the local ecology. Learn how to turn your driving experience into one of self-awareness and respect for the lives we are effecting behind the wheel.

ALSO learn how to turn your driving experience into an ecological awareness experience. You’ll be amazed at how you’ll be able to identify plants, trees, birds and even animal trails at 60 mph!

Field Inventories

You’ll complete 20 more weekly Field Inventories (see Kamana Two description), only this time they are a little more involved to help deepen your awareness. For Kamana 3.4 and 3.5 you will also complete 20 days of weather journals

Resource Trail

You will journal another 10 species from each of the Six Tracks as you did in Kamana Two, BUT before you do that you will explore Taxonomy and how each species is related by learning about Family relationships (levels 3.1-3.4). These additional 60 species journals will be more specific to your bio-region than the journals you completed in Kamana 2.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes to learn about plants, for example, when you begin to see the patterns that emerge from each Family. Your learning abilities and knowledge of place will greatly deepen with these new tools you learn in our wilderness home study course.

See Samples section for Kamana Three examples. Besides handing in your journals, you’ll also hand in background research in Taxonomy and Family lists.

Final Notes about Kamana 3

Kamana 3 is a big incremental step in the journey. There is a lot more depth to the Kamana experience as compared to Kamana 2. As such there is also more work (both field work and indoor work). After completing Kamana 3, your naturalist skills will be at a whole new level!