Kamana II

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In Kamana 2, students begin the routines that will remain constant throughout the entire Kamana journey. From this point forward, each experience builds on the last until you finish Kamana Four.

Kamana 2 focuses on getting to know one place on a deep level, both ecologically and intuitively. Using a combination of sensory awareness exercises and science-based journaling techniques, you will build a holistic foundation for connecting to the natural world.

During Kamana 2, students will:

  • Prepare 8 weekly Field Inventories, using a map you create and a form Kamana provides, which will keep your awareness on the Earth, the people around you, the water cycles, animals, birds, plants, trees, the movements of the sun, the phases of the moon, the weather, the star movements, and more.  Learn a special form of journaling called “Mind's Eye,” which will markedly improve your recall of the species you journal from the 6-tracks of here's the good news:  You don' t have to be an artist to use your mind's eye! This technique goes beyond journaling from Field Guides verbatim and, if done correctly, will imprint the plant, tree, bird or animal in your mind's eye in a very alive and personal way.
  • Learn information and stories exclusive to the Kamana Series, which will help you discover how to learn about nature efficiently and effectively.
  • Find your “secret spot,” an area in nature that you will visit on a regular basis. There you will practice exercises that expand your awareness of nature and knowledge of place. You'll discover it's much more that just picking a spot to sit in the woods. All future exercises will stem from this searching and mapping experience.
  • Complete 10 journals from each of the Six Resource Tracks.
  • Develop the foundational knowledge to learn bird language, wilderness skills, and tracking.
  • Take the Tourist Test to assess where you need to focus your learning efforts.
  • Practice The Sense Meditation, which will teach you to overcome that little “voice” that prevents you from really tuning into the language of nature using sight, sound, touch, feel, and taste. This field pack helps you to “Lose your mind and come to your senses!”
  • Learn The Thanksgiving Address, an Iroquois tradition that honors all elements of nature as equal and interdependent. Learn to use this ancient honoring as a tool to deepen your own connection to the natural world.

Kamana Two students have the option of working on their own or subscribing to the Kamana Student Services. Learn more about the benefits of Kamana Student Services.

Time Limits and Extensions

If you sign up for Student Services, you have 12 months from date of purchase to finish your Kamana 2 studies. If you don' t finish your work within a year, you will need to purchase a 6-month extension.

Prerequisite: none, but Kamana One is highly recommended.