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Kamana is a supportive, structured program for learning the language of nature. I found it opened my awareness and deeply changed my perceptions. I highly recommend it to all who want to learn to be at home in the natural world. —Starhawk, Author, Activist & Kamana One graduate

Benefits of doing the Kamana Program:

  • Understand the language of the forest and see more wildlife
  • Learn outdoor survival skills that could save your life
  • Learn to use the medicinal and edible plants of your area
  • Discover the mysteries of wildlife through tracking
  • Learn to move safely and with confidence outdoors

If you want to experience all of this and more, the Kamana Naturalist Training Program is for you! The Kamana Naturalist Training Programis an experiential four-level home study course through which you gain a comprehensive naturalist training background.

You learn naturalist training as the foundation for wildlife tracking, bird language, survival and native living skills, traditional herbalism, naturalist mentoring and more. It is the ultimate blueprint for your time spent in the field and in conducting nature-related research. You become a confident naturalist, melding modern field ecology with the skills of a native scout.

It was written by naturalist and tracker Jon Young, who uniquely designed it to model the process in which renowned naturalist Tom Brown, Jr. mentored him as a boy. Kamana is completed "at your own pace and at your own place." The Kamana journey takes at least 18 months total to complete all four levels of the program.

Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery is the beginning of your Kamana path and it is a series of simple, but powerful exercises that take about a month to complete. You move through two weeks of awareness exercises and eight areas of ecological study using a field guide and audio series narrated by Jon Young. It will help you see if the entire Kamana program is for you, as well as beginning to see the world through "native eyes."

Ready for Kamana Two? This course begins in-depth routines of awareness study of your place. Completion of Kamana One is highly recommended, but there are no prerequisites. Students who have lots of experience may prefer to start at Kamana Two.

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