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Interested in visiting the Anake Program? Join us for a day of class! Meet at the Duvall Park and Ride at 8:30am; you will then travel to our campus. The visit day will wrap up by 3:30pm. More details to follow about your specific visit day once you sign up.

Natural Mentoring 10/31 Wednesday
At Anake, we focus on mentoring as the foundation for our educational model. Come get a peek inside the “Coyote Mentoring” model and how we use it in our youth programs. 

Natural Movement 11/28 Wednesday
Our modern lives frequently involve us being sedentary and sitting too much.  This curriculum will focus on animal movement, internal martial arts, and mobility routines that our bodies long for.

Sign Tracking 12/4 Tuesday
So much is happening in the forest when we aren't there. We will learn how to read and interpret the "sign" animals leave behind to discover more about what their lives are like.

Wilderness Cooking 12/11 Tuesday
Humans have been cooking around the fire for a long time. We will explore ancient and modern techniques for cooking food such as: Spit roasting, Clay baking, Dutch oven, Rock boiling and more

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