Meet the Team

Administrative Staff

This is our all-star, behind-the-scene team of administrators that make sure all of our programs run smoothly and effectively.

Warren Moon

Executive Director

Leah Carlson

Marketing & Communications Director

Dan Corcoran

Program Director

Mike Prince

Operations & Finance Director

Elizabeth Penhollow

Youth Program Manager

Jared Archbold

Youth & Adult Program Manager, Marketing

Heather Durham

Administrative Assistant

Samuel Bowman

Youth & Adult Program Coordinator

Craig Johnson

Operations Manager

Susan Wepking


Sol Marie Doran

Program Advisor, ALP Instructor

Laurie Archbold

Anake Outreach Coordinator

Youth Programs Staff

Meet our experienced, joyful, and charismatic Youth Program staff.

Andy Franjevic

Land Manager, Coyotes, Wild Within 1

Merilee Bradford

Coyotes, Community School, Wild Within 1

Quinn Bailey

Community School, Wild Within 2, ALP

Hannah Libby

Roots and Wings, Wild Within 2

Charlie Serra

Coyotes, Community School, Wild Within 2

Manon McPeters

Village, Foxes

Em Gumnick

Roots and Wings, Monthly

Jesse Phillips

Foxes & Monthly Coordinator

Shivani Gogna

Village, Foxes, Monthly

Adult Programs Staff

These are our core adult program Instructors. Many have been with the organization for over 10 years, bringing their passion and expertise to our fantastic nature-connection classes.

Marcus Reynerson

Anake Lead Instructor & Program Manager

Laura Gunion

Anake Core Instructor

Richie Rivera-Booth

Anake Core Instructor

Board of Trustees

We are grateful for our Board of Trustees who provide strategic and financial guidance and assistance.

Kristen Bauer


Tony Laliberte

Vice President

Luis Glass


Carter McBride

Board Member

Elders Council

We are grateful for our Elders Council who provide counsel and support for our staff, students and community.

Eileen Van Bronkhorst


Ellen Haas

Elder, Coyote's Guide co-author

Chuck Newquist


Bobbe Branch

Founding Elder

Pam Hawes

Founding Elder

Don Taves

Founding Elder

Jenn Wolfe

Founding Elder

Gene Buzzelli


Pat Gorman


John Reed


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